For a green and healthy world, the future lies in solar energy…

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Solar Energy Solutions - UOK Enerji A.Ş

UOK Enerji A.Ş. started its operations in Turkey in 2012. It has grown nationally and internationally by specializing in the solar energy sector. It stands out with projects that contribute to sustainable energy.

About us

Your Professional Partner in Solar Energy Solutions!

We started our operations in Turkey in 2012 and continued our growth adventure by transferring the experiences we gained to our national operations and the African market. With our successful partnerships and national-international experience in the solar energy industry, we have learned to expertly manage the engineering and financial aspects of the energy business.

Our areas of expertise include engineering, procurement and construction of renewable energy production facilities, and asset management, carefully prepared for the needs of all stakeholders in the energy sector, from the end of production to the suppliers.

Together with our reliable and strong partners in Africa, we serve our customers with our ability to provide turnkey solutions on time, even under challenging conditions. As a team specialized in investment and technical consultancy of solar power plants, project planning, system design, licensed and unlicensed power plant installations, license acquisition and operational activities, we produce special solutions for the needs of our customers.

UOK Enerji A.Ş. As, we offer a wide range of services, from land and industrial roof installations to residential solar energy applications. We continue our activities in the sector at full speed with our understanding of customer satisfaction as our first priority, without compromising on quality. Our projects include many innovative solutions such as grid-connected and independent systems, solar-powered irrigation systems, lithium cell energy storage systems, hydrogen energy, LED lighting systems, solar-powered camera systems and solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations. UOK Enerji A.Ş. As, we are proud to contribute to the sustainable energy future.

UOK ENERJİ A.Ş. Management

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We are Rewriting the Future with the Sun!

By starting our activities in Turkey in 2012, we have continuously increased our experience in the solar energy sector. UOK Enerji A.Ş. As, we are a team equipped with the most up-to-date technology and engineering knowledge in the industry.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable energy solutions form the basis of our business. Our solar-powered projects offer our customers the advantage of reducing energy costs while fulfilling their environmental responsibilities.

Thanks to strong business partners and extensive experience, we offer turnkey projects to our customers. This ensures trouble-free completion of projects while allowing our customers to save time and resources.

We are a team specialized in every stage of solar power plants. We can meet all the needs of our customers with a wide range of services, from investment and technical consultancy to system design, from licensing to operation.

We put customer satisfaction at the center of our mission. While producing special solutions for each of our customers, we adopt a transparent and open approach in communication.

Our business process

How do we work?

Needs Analysis and Customer Consultancy


Customer needs are analyzed in detail before the project starts. Energy consumption habits are determined and the customer is provided with consultancy on the most suitable solar energy solution.

Technological Solution and Design


The technical details of the solar power plant are determined by site evaluation. Technological solutions such as panel type, inverter selection and energy storage systems are designed.

Permission and Licensing Process


Gerekli izinler ve lisanslar proje öncesi hukuki düzenlemelerle alınır. Legal processes required for connection to the electricity grid are managed.

Turnkey Installation and Continuous Support


The solar power plant installation is initiated and all stages of the project are managed on a turnkey basis. After the project is completed, the system is constantly monitored and its efficiency is increased by providing technical support to the customer.